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Weekly e-commerce moo's

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Value Ranking
& Bid optimisation

Smart value ranking to bring more consumers to you.

Ranking for Quality

Admoo's bid matrix, combined with its dynamic compounding and value rank systems, mean your ads are always at the highest quality scores on Google and Bing Ads.

Value rank & compounding

All products perform differently. Several factors determine your most valuable products. While you may want to focus on only the best performing items, this can reduce the lifetime value of a visitor. That’s why our value rank compounds several metrics to smooth bid levels and not only focus on your best performing products, leading to higher customer value over time. Our value rank system has been developed to ascertain these most valuable products, and segment them top down, to adjust bids in line with product value, ensuring both volume of web traffic, and increased sales of your best performing products.

The admoo bid matrix

Based on years of testing and experience, the Admoo bid matrix considers an items value, quality score, geolocation of ads, audience, device, and time of day to maximise your campaign objectives. The Matrix is an improvement on Googles optimised bid function, which unlike Google is able to granulate, and set bids right down to an item level on all of your SKU's in a matter of seconds.

the admoo compound effect

This proprietary algorithm weights several factors including quality score, device type, and item value to compound the optimal bid for each ad, in line with you company objectives. By compounding each of these metrics, derived from your items value rank, and Admoo's bid matrix, it means each bid is perfectly positioned to increase impression share, and reduce advertising costs.