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How to create the perfect PPC campaign.

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How to create the perfect PPC campaign.

Connecting the right people to your store.

Despite what the title says, there is really no such thing as a perfect PPC campaign. Especially not straight out of the gate. Even when your PPC campaign is up and running, the job of optimising, testing and tweaking is never done. There’s always a way to make it better and eke out a few more clicks, spend less or convert more. That said, there is very much a right way to create a campaign. If you’re just setting paid search up for the first time, follow these guidelines to ensure you’re structuring your campaign correctly.


  1. Do your research

Keywords are the lynchpin of any AdWords campaign and that makes keyword research the most important first step. You’ll need to approach this in a logical and organised manner - structured by product or category type if you’re an e-tailer for example – and you should expect it to take some time.

This is also a step you’ll want to keep coming back to. As you add new products or services to your business, you’ll need new keywords to support them. Search habits change over time too so keywords that worked for you six months ago might not work for you next month.

  1. Define your goals

Defining your goals is a critical campaign creation process – this will keep you on track when it comes to budget, ad text and keyword selection and will also make it easier to measure campaign performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

  1. Focus on targeting

Depending on the nature of your business, considerations such as shipping, campaign goals and even language, you’ll want to set up relevant targeting for your ads. If you can’t serve or ship a particular area, you can exclude your ads from showing in those regions, making your budget go further. You might also want to create specific campaigns for specific regions, such as a local campaign to drive more traffic into a particular store.

  1. Set your budget

Google will provide some advice when it comes to setting your budget but this is also an area where you’ll also need to spend a lot of time moving forwards. You will have manual and automated bid options via AdWords. If you are brand new to PPC, it’s often wise to start with a smaller budget and then scale up. You probably won’t want to split your budget evenly between all campaigns as some will naturally be more valuable to you (those with higher value products within for example) so weigh up where your best return is coming from.

  1. Create your ads

Testing is an intrinsic part of any PPC campaign. As you’re getting your PPC campaign ready, you’ll also need to start thinking about creating compelling ad text and having A/B testing options in place. Testing ads will allow you to get performance insights and tweak ad text to maximise returns.


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