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How to convert clicks into sales

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3 tried and tested strategies

Getting qualified traffic to your site is only the first stage of generating a return from your PPC campaign. You still have the challenge of converting those clicks into sales. Without a strategy in place to convert traffic, your PPC isn’t going to deliver the return on investment that you want to achieve. Read on for three tried and tested strategies to incorporate into your CRO activities.

Create a clear, prominent call to action

One of the easiest ways you can improve conversions is to include a visible, relevant and compelling call to action. It should be prominent, instantly catching attention, and clear, giving the user an instruction. Call to actions should already feature on your PPC landing pages but if they’re not having the desired effect, take the time to assess them.

Focus on what you’re offering the customer, use enticing language, and make it bold so it stands out against the other elements of the webpage, whether you’re encouraging them to take advantage of a promotional offer or want them to place a pre-order. A/B testing is invaluable here and you can run split tests to trial different calls to action to refine your offering.

Make your content more user friendly

Is your bounce rate high? It could be that the content of your landing page leave something to be desired. An A/B test is a great way to see what your customers are looking for. Your written content should be easy to read, the page should include ways for visitors to engage, such as a contact form, and structured so they move on to the next step of the sales process.

Your landing page should be designed with what you want their next step to be in mind

Retarget your clicks

Not everyone who is searching for your services or products wants to make an immediate purchase. This is where a retargeting strategy is crucial.

Give your visitors plenty of opportunities to leave their contact details, allowing you to remarket to them in future. Whether you simply want to remind them of what they were looking at before, offer a promotion code to sweeten the deal, or announce a new line of merchandise, retargeting gives you another chance to convert leads into customers.

You already know that these leads have some interest in your business so it’s worth going the extra mile to pull those consumers back into your funnel.

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