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How to optimise your PPC campaign

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An investment in a PPC campaign will usually represent a large chunk of your overall marketing budget. This means that you’ll need to optimise each and every aspect of your PPC campaign in order to generate a worthwhile return. So, how do you do that?

As a leader in the PPC industry, Admoo’s unique AI PPC engine, coupled with our experienced human brains, helps clients increase their returns by as much as 200%. Our approach delivers optimised PPC campaigns from the outset. When you opt for Admoo’s full management service, we’ll focus on four key areas to optimise your campaign results.

Keyword research

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of a successful PPC campaign. Identifying which search terms you should focus on is essential, but that’s just step one. You’ll also need to consider keyword match type and structure – which ad groups and ads keywords sit within and what budget will be assigned to each.

Negative keywords

Like keywords, negative keywords are critical for creating optimised PPC campaigns. They help to filter out those searches that you don’t want to show up for, cutting out wasted spend on irrelevant traffic. If you’re getting an increase in traffic from your PPC campaign but not conversions, negative keywords can help.

Feed management

When you’re an eCommerce retailer juggling complex shopping feeds, you need to know which products are your most valuable and which need to be prioritised. Our number crunching pulls in data from your shopping feed, analytics and ad accounts then adds our own ranking algorithm. We’ll use this for initial campaign set-up then review every 15 minutes to identify opportunities to refine, update and improve campaign structure and performance.


To effectively optimise any PPC campaign, you need understand how your current campaign is performing. Reports are a cornerstone of this. Having on-demand access to critical performance metrics such as conversion rates, impressions, cost per click and click throughs is just the start. Armed with the right data, you can hone in on those areas that will really make a difference.

The Admoo platform lets you take control of campaign management too. From evaluating the metrics that are the most beneficial to automated bid management, it’s a proven path towards better converting, more efficient AdWords and Bing campaigns with an average 200% ROI increase, decreased cost per click and higher sales volumes

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