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Keyword Research: Expert Tips to Elevate Your Marketing

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The thing about keyword research is that the job never ends. You can’t just find the keywords that deliver today and stop there. The process is always evolving and changing to match the habits and changing search behaviour of the audience at hand.

Sometimes, you need to go beyond the usual approach and dig a little deeper to find more specific, relevant or as yet untapped keywords – whether that’s for PPC, SEO, ads or web content. Read on for our expert tips to make your keyword research more robust and, ultimately, more successful.

Focus on Local

Local search is becoming more and more important to smaller businesses, and it’s easy to see why. Keywords and phrases that have a specific, local focus are massively important if you want to bring customers to your bricks and mortar location. Research shows that 82-percent of mobile device users will search, at one time or another, for a local business – meaning that you have a very real opportunity to make online and offline sales if you’re visible for the right keywords.

Any business with a physical presence should put a heavy focus on local search terms and keywords, starting with specific location and service combinations – ‘Liverpool Florists’, for example – and use the most applicable keywords you find. When it comes to appearing in front of a local, incentivised audience, town and city specific keywords and search terms are a must.

See What Rivals Are Doing

If you’ve noticed that a competitor seems to be deriving much more value from their SEO approach, it’s worth taking the time to study just what it is they’re doing. This is especially useful if there is a competitor in your sector that is much bigger than you.

The benefits here are twofold: firstly, you get some great insight into the best-performing keywords for your specific industry – which is always a good thing- and, secondly, this approach can help you find audiences you might not even have had on your radar previously. It could be that you find a rich vein of keywords and terms you hadn’t considered before, and that’s why it’s worth taking the time to check out the competition.

Look at Questions People are Asking

For many businesses and marketers, question keywords are still a relatively new area of interest. But this form of keyword research is going to take on increased importance in-step with the rise of voice search.

When people use voice to search – whether it’s through dedicated technology or their mobile device – they ask questions. Knowing what these questions are and creating content that answers those questions can give your SEO a boost.

Free resources like Answer The Public provide fantastic insight into the exact questions people ask around any topic you care to search. From here, you can perform additional research to find out the most-asked questions and, in turn, provide the answers intertwined with quality content. Get this right, and you can benefit from much-improved SEO and the attendant upticks in visitors and conversions.  

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