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Press Release Feb 20th 2018

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Combining Human Creativity with Leading Software Delivers Effective PPC Strategies, Says Admoo

The disruptive new player in the PPC management sector, Admoo has explained the secret to its already impressive results by showcasing its man and machine approach to better AdWords performance at scale. The forward-thinking agency fuses its own proprietary software with human creativity to develop PPC solutions that understand both algorithms and human audiences to continually eke out performance benefits and optimise campaigns at a level not possible from human intervention alone.

Nigel Copley, CEO of Admoo, said, “We deliver an average 200% increase in ROI and 40% decrease in cost per click, which is a powerful indicator that our PPC engine and other machine learning technologies have a very bright future and increasing applications for AdWords and other marketing management.

“When you look ahead at the increasing involvement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to expect software will take centre stage but, our approach is to fuse the human brain with the artificial. We believe the two united are greater than the sum of their part and it’s this combination of analytics and an understanding of context that we foresee being the optimal blend for advertisers who want more from their PPC expenditure.

“Having the right software in place is invaluable for data mining and number crunching but it’s the creative flair that comes from individuals able to interpret this data that really helps campaigns to perform as needed in increasingly competitive markets.

Admoo’s unique combination of artificial intelligence in the form of its PPC engine and human counterpart is part of its goal to fully disrupt the sector and overturn the PPC rulebook for retailers and other businesses finding themselves squeezed out. It’s semi-automated approach allows for the streamlining capabilities of tech but leaves room for the personal touch, optimising every campaign that it’s part of.

Admoo uses its specially designed algorithm to collate information, including historic sales and performance data, allowing it to plot the best course of action within a PPC campaign with a particular goal in mind. Hundreds of thousands of data points means that Admoo software is a business-critical tool for maximising digital marketing spend with the added creativity only an experienced team can bring.

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