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Weekly e-commerce moo's

Retail round up: AdWords outlines improved ad experiences

by Nigel Copley (comments: 0)

AdWords outlines improved ad experiences

Hot on the heels of confirming that it would require all advertisers to transition to the new AdWords experience by the end of the year, Google has also rolled out new updates which it says will make ads faster, safer and better for consumers.

Jon Diorio, AdWords Group Product Manager says it will help advertisers speed up their ad experience by supporting AMP pages as AdWords landing pages and making parallel tracking mandatory for all AdWords accounts from the end of October.

On the safety front, it continues to advocate for the use of HTTPS over HTTP, though notes many advertisers still direct AdWords users through to HTTP pages. To combat this, Diorio says some ad clicks will be automatically forwarded to HTTPS, an ad version history will be launched and warnings will soon be displayed to advertisers using less secure HTTP addresses.

Read the full story here: https://adwords.googleblog.com/2018/05/faster-safer-and-better-ad-experiences.html

Luxury advertising increasingly going digital

A new report from Zenith Media has shown that luxury brand are increasingly moving their ad spend towards digital channels. The report, entitled Luxury Advertising Expenditure Forecasts 2018, forecasts that 33% of luxury goods advertising will be digital in 2018, versus 30% last year.

In the luxury hospitality sector, the number is higher, with 50% of all advertising predicted to be digital – an increase of 3% year-on-year. The report forecasts that watches and jewellery brands with a luxury edge will spend 28% of their total available ad budget online. Luxury fashion brands will earmark 13% of their budget for digital, while the beauty industry looks set to spend 27% of its overall ad budget online.

The report is packed with compelling statistics, such as in China, 68% of luxury ad spend will be digital by 2019, while $5.2bn was spent advertising luxury goods in the US last year.

Read the full report here: https://www.zenithmedia.com/hospitality-leads-digital-transformation-of-luxury-category/

M&S to close more stores

High street stalwarts M&S and House of Fraser have both confirmed that they will shutter store. M&S has plans to close an additional 40 outlets which sell both food and clothing – with previously announced closures, this brings the total number to 100. The initial store closures were first announced 18 months ago with this week’s raft further considered to be part of its turnaround plan. M&S has already closed 20 stores and says this makes its business more sustainable. Some suggest a more aggressive approach is being implemented after the closure of a Warrington town centre store led to more customers visiting its out of town locations.

Read the full story here: https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2018/05/ms-to-further-radicalise-store-closure-scheme/

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