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Should you conduct an A/B test when creating a PPC campaign?

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The short answer to the question is: yes.

A/B testing gives you valuable insight needed to optimise your campaigns by analysing how visitors are interacting with two different versions of your offering. Whatever the size of your AdWords budget, an A/B test gives you concrete data which indicates which route will deliver the best results for your spend.

If you want to improve how your PPC campaign is operating, which aspects of the campaign should you A/B test? You need to choose campaigns that you can directly compare when you test with a small group of people or with a limited budget. For this reason, making smaller changes, one at a time is crucial.

So, which parts of a PPC campaign should you use the A/B testing technique on?

  1. Ad headline
    Your headline is critical. It’s what grabs attention and encourages readers to click through. Testing headlines to see which generates the most traffic helps you to refine one of the most important PPC campaign metrics. It’s a simple area to test and you can even play around with dynamic keywords, where the keyword features in bold, to capture the attention of an audience. It’s an A/B test that simple to measure in terms of analysing your results too. Once you know which headline performs best, conduct another test to identify even more opportunities for improvement.

  2. CTA on your landing page
    A PPC campaign isn’t just about generating traffic, you want those users to actually perform a certain task, whether it’s to make a download or head to the checkout. Your call to action on your landing page plays a vital role in this. Try testing different calls to action so you can see which delivers the better conversion rate. Make sure your CTAs are clear and correspond to your ad and keywords used, so they align with visitor expectations.

  3. Balance of visuals
    How does your current landing page balance copy with imagery? You could see better results by shifting the focus. For example, fashion businesses can benefit from using a greater number of visuals but a B2B company could find that educational, informative text-based content is the way forward. A/B testing lets you experiment with the type of content on display and allows you to better gauge what your audience engages with the most.

With these three core PPC components tested and optimised, your campaign should perform better.

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