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The Advertising Statistics You Need to Know in 2018

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Online marketing practises are constantly changing and that means it can be hard to get a handle on which advertising strategies are working, which aren’t, the best platforms to use and what to try next.

Knowing how different approaches measure up and what an average success rate looks like can make all the difference when it comes to planning where to spend your ad budget.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the most useful advertising stats and figures for your consumption, giving you valuable insight into the direction online advertising is likely to take as 2018 begins to wind down.


It’s no secret that video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tools around. 2017 saw $13.23 billion spent on video advertising alone, with this amount set to increase to more than $22 billion by 2021.

Make no mistake; video is here to stay with the figures showing that it is hugely beneficial for both consumers and advertisers alike. 52% say that video is an effective tool for developing brand awareness, while 51.9% of marketing professionals say video offers the best return on investment of any of their advertising efforts.

When it comes to the consumer effect, video is very effective at pushing audiences towards a conversion. 46% of viewers act after viewing a video advertisement, while 80% say that they can recall a video ad viewed in the last month.


The days of desktop dominance are now well and truly over, with mobile the device of choice for surfing the web and shopping. Today, 66% of all digital media time comes from mobile device usage. What’s more, 84% of consumers aged 18-29 prefer to use their mobile device when shopping online.

Mobile devices also play a significant role when it comes to discovering new brands, with 51% of shoppers saying they found new products and businesses when using their smartphone. Perhaps most important of all for businesses and their digital advertising strategy, marketers said that getting their ads in mobile search results can boost brand awareness by a whopping 46%.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, networks like Facebook offer a unique and very targeted way to reach potential customers. They’re also a superb medium for communicating with an engaged audience.

33% of the time modern internet users spend online is spent on one social media platform or another, making this a key channel for ad spend.

40% of internet users say that they like to follow their favourite brands on social media too, so expect an audience that is readily opening itself up to engagement. Interestingly, 37% of those shopping online use social media platforms to find inspiration for the purchases they are planning to make.

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