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The Best Platform as a Service Option for Your E-Commerce Store

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E-commerce offers small enterprises and larger companies alike the opportunity to sell their wares from anywhere and to anywhere around the globe. Alongside this expansion comes the development of Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) solutions, which offers customers the option to develop and manage their applications from cloud-based software. Here’s our pick of the very best PaaS offerings for your ecommerce store.

What is PaaS?

Put simply, PaaS allows basic coding and interfaces, whilst also permitting customers to build on pre-existing features and modify those already present, to create a custom vendor platform. From an e-commerce perspective, the PaaS can be comprised of everything from a homepage to a fully-functional online checkout. Benefits of incorporating PaaS include providing a more personalised experience to your end user, and smoother integration with other commercial applications for speedier transactions.

Amazon Ec2

Amazon’s PaaS platform bills itself as infinitely flexible and sophisticated, driven by the success of millions of innovative customers utilising the software to create more robust and effective ecommerce stores. The cloud platform is ever-expanding, and it’s relatively simple to get started, with plenty of videos and tutorials to help the uninitiated dip their toe in the waters of platform-as-a-service. There are also guides to help steer you in the right direction throughout your project, and the system is designed to be safe and secure as well as supportive of your business goals. The sheer scalability of the system has made it popular with some of the world’s biggest brands in everything from big data to the media and gaming industries.

Microsoft Azure

Another world-leading brand in the world of PaaS, Microsoft Azure is both secure and scalable to put both clients and their customers at ease. Engagement is enabled through almost infinite choices for customisation, and transactions can be processed swiftly and efficiently with a strong focus on superior customer service. The platform is also designed to help clients make more sales, more often – something few running an ecommerce site will argue with! Customisations include the ability to shift conversion rates, and monitor customer behaviour to change your sales offering accordingly. As with all PaaS, the emphasis is on empowering the store owner to boost sales, rather than spend their time managing IT infrastructure.


One of the most popular PaaS platforms, Salesforce uses both Force.com and it’s subsidiary Heroku to develop what the company refers to as ‘the complete PaaS toolkit’. As with all PaaS systems, the emphasis is on taking away much of the hassle of running an ecommerce store, but Salesforce place particular emphasis on the company’s ability to enhance the customer/company relationship, as well as highlighting the firm’s capabilities as a tool for greater integration and connectivity. The platform is particularly interested in the development of employee-facing apps, boosting the e-commerce process further than many comparable platforms within this sector and giving customers almost infinite choice when it comes to driving more sales and improving their profile.

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