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The Pros and Cons of Developing an App for Your Store

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While developing apps requires careful thought and consideration, a great app can be a fantastic addition to your mobile marketing efforts, providing a new dimension to the mobile experience. However fantastic your website is, there is a limit to how much it can do to help enhance the user experience. As a modern business owner, it can be tempting to assume you need an app for your store, but creating one comes with a variety of pros and cons so it’s certainly worth considering before taking the plunge. Here are just a few of the most important factors to weigh up before getting carried away with the app hype.

Pro: Connect with more customers

Reaching your customers has never been more complicated, and a large part of why this is stems from the very culture which has made apps seem like a necessity. Competing businesses are racing to get their products in front of their target market and offer evermore personalised and interconnected opportunities for engagement. An app can be a fantastic way of doing just that. However, it’s important to note that consumers are digital-savvy enough to recognise an app without purpose as just that – and their interest will soon start to wane.

Con: A pricey investment

Building an app can be an expensive business. The more functionalities you need the app to have, the bigger the bill –so you’ll need to be very conscious of what tasks you need your own app to perform. Instead of simply creating an app which is a version of your existing website, consider how to wring the most value out of your app development, ensuring a smart investment rather than a wasted spend.

Pro: Demonstrate your techie relevance

The technology of an app helps you to not only connect with your customer base in a new way, but done well, your communications can also be more efficient and more personalised. Apps generally load much faster than mobile websites, so if you’re seeking to sell more products, this could be a big draw for your customers. Apps also place your store directly in the palm of a customer’s hand without the need to find your website, keeping you top of mind and enhancing opportunities for customer retention and customer loyalty.

Con: Build to different platforms

An app must be developed to suit different mobile platforms, which can add to the overall cost and time required to create your app. Once built, you’ll also have the task of updating multiple versions of your app across each platform to keep your offering relevant, secure and fully-functional. If you are dead-set on app-building, be aware of this obligation at the outset.

Done right, building an app is one of the best ways to help futureproof your business and engage your target audience in more meaningful – and profitable – interactions but, it’s not an endeavour to be taken lightly or one to invest in simply because of a current trend.

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