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Video Content: The Stats and Figures You Need to Know

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If you’ve been investigating effective marketing strategies to increase reach and engagement, video content has probably come up more than a few times. With live video now making waves, it’s essential to get to grips with this multimedia content.

If you’re not convinced that it’s worth investing in video content, these seven stats from the latest State of Video Marketing survey from HubSpot will change your mind.

  1. In a typical day, the average person consumes 1.5 hours of video content. If you’re not producing any original videos, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers. When it comes to choosing between video and written content, 72% of people will opt for video.


  1. Video content is more likely to be shared. When you want to widen your reach, video is by far the best performing content, some 83% of consumers will consider sharing a video they find interesting. This doesn’t just apply to entertainment videos either, make sure your video considers your audience and adds value to boost sharing figures.


  1. Eight in ten businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2018. It’s a figure that’s risen from 63% in just a year as more firms discover the power of video content. If your competitors are doing it, can you afford not to?


  1. Of firms that do use video content, an incredible 99% said that they will continue to do so. It’s proof that it’s a strategy that works and is delivering a return on the investment that’s going into it.


  1. Videos can provide multiple benefits. Some 97% of marketers say videos have helped them increase user understanding of products or services, a claim that’s backed up by 95% of people watching an explainer video to learn more. Video content can also have a direct impact on sales, three-quarters of professional marketers said videos boosted sales, while 81% of people stated they’ve been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video.


  1. Video content can support other business operations too. With the right, accessible content you can, for example, reduce support queries. It’s a benefit that almost half of marketers have already noted.


  1. A staggering 85% of consumers said they’d like to see more video content from brands. It’s clear what customers want and what their expectations are for the way that businesses connect with them moving forward. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you explore video content?

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