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What makes a contact us page stand out?

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Your contact page is undeniably a crucial component of your website, yet often it’s the one where the least amount of thought is put into the design. When done well, a contact us page can generate leads and seriously increase conversions for your brand. So how can you make sure you create a great contact us page? Follow these suggestions to get started…

Keep it simple

A contact form should be quick and easy to fill out and only request the amount of information necessary for you to deal with the visitor’s query. Keep this rule of thumb in mind when creating your contact us page. Similarly, don’t pack the page with lots of unnecessary text – keep it simple so your visitor can complete and submit with the minimum of fuss. That’s not to say that your text needs to be dull, use your creativity to keep visitors on this page until that all-important submit button is pressed.

Show off your personality

Anyone clicking through to your contact page has a vested interest in doing business with you. As with the rest of your website, you can solidify this intention and capture their imagination by showing off your brand’s personality. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a page that’s pedestrian and functional.

Use your imagination

Use compelling, interesting and quirky visuals such as custom images or even video content that speaks for your brand on your contact us page. This is a great way of attracting attention and standing out from the competition.

Make it look good

It goes without saying that an attractively designed contact form can go a long way in closing the conversion. You can work in other design elements here, such as FAQs or different department contacts but, pay close attention to the visual appeal. Your contact form is functional but it doesn’t have to look bland and uninspired.     

Stay true to your brand identity

Make sure that your contact us page aligns with the rest of your website in terms of staying true to your brand identity. Pages that deviate from the style of the website can look inconsistent, especially to new visitors looking for more information and may deter further interaction.

Ease of access

An easy to find contact us page is incredibly important so the most impactful, successful ones are referenced throughout the rest of the website. Make sure to use common phrasing, such as ‘contact us’, ‘support’, or ‘help’ to direct visitors to your page from the main navigation menu and make it easy for everyone to understand.



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