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What Should You Think About When It Comes to Display Ads?

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When it comes to display ads, many marketers and businesses get their approach wrong because they overlook the simple fact that visuals play a huge part in generating click throughs.

Many marketers know how to write great copy, but they might not have the skills necessary to ensure display ads are as enticing and attractive as they could be. Ultimately, display ads are a potent mixture of imagery and text, and both of these areas require focus in order to derive the best results. Creating display ads that perform is something of an art as well as science, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of pointers to help you on your way.

Know Your Goal

Because display ads are somewhat simple to set up and get rolling, many businesses and marketers take a sort of scattergun approach to what they feature. This isn’t the most efficient way to run your campaign.

Before you decide to start rolling out display ads or even formulating their text and looks, you need to know what you want to achieve. The best display ads form part of an overarching campaign with a specific, targeted goal in mind. For example, a push on a particular product should involve multiple creative assets, not just one or two, be specifically targeted to certain networks and sites and have measurement and tracking metrics in place to judge how successful the campaign is. Once you’ve defined the goal of your display ads, this will inform a big chunk of your later approach.

Keep it Consistent

When you look at successful ad campaigns from the world’s biggest and most successful brands, one thing you always expect to see to see is a unified, consistent approach across advertising streams. This takes the form of an established font, theme, colour palate and tone of voice, with the aim being to create something that sticks in the mind of the audience.

Consistency is a crucial covenant of any successful ad campaign but it’s even more important when you’re presenting visual imagery to your audience. If you want to both develop the feel and identity of your brand, as well as push a specific product, making things like the message, image, font and tone uniform across all ads for the duration of the campaign is imperative.

Know Your Audience

As we said above, a scattergun approach to display ads doesn’t deliver the best results. This applies to the audience you want to target, as well.

If, for example, your demographic research shows that your audience is primarily men aged fifty and above, there’s no point sticking to basic targeting. Taking the time to select publishers won’t just make for more successful, targeted display ads – it will also enable you to focus all of your budget where it’s going to be most effective.

Link Your Ads to the Relevant Landing Page

If a display ad is successful and leads a potential customer along the conversion funnel, then that’s great. But what’s not so great is if the visitor has to look for the specific information or product offered up in the ad.

Display ads should take the user straight to a relevant landing page, making their journey towards conversion as smooth as possible. If they land somewhere unrelated on your site, chances are they will bounce in next to no time.  

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