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Weekly e-commerce moo's

Which social media trends should you be leveraging as an online retailer?

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Social media never ever stands still and innovations, new platforms and new formats appear almost weekly. With Instagram announcing the launch of a standalone video app, which will allow users to upload videos of up to one hour, now is a great time to do a mini audit of your social media activity. Read on to find out which trends you should be tapping into as an online retailer.

#1 Limited time content sharing

Even if your brand isn’t on Snapchat, it should be on Instagram – and with one billion monthly active users, it likely is. Instagram took the fight to Snap when it launched its Stories, with much made of the similarities between the two. Now though, this is much more than a gimmick and limited time content is booming in popularity. In fact, it’s this advance that has been credited with helping Instagram add on 200 million new user accounts since last year.

Limited time content sharing is a fantastic, creative tool for any retailer – you can use it for influencer takeovers, share engaging behind the scenes content or give quick previews from events or even store visits.

#2 Live Streaming

Much like limited time content sharing, live streaming is taking the social media world by storm. Facebook is perhaps the most well-known of the platforms to take this mainstream but Insta also has Insta Live so there’s really no excuse not to give this one a go.

Live streaming is a consumer favourite and you can use this type of social media update in myriad ways. From live streaming special events such as new collection launches or store openings, to having experts take live Question and Answers from fans or even having influencers run a takeover session, there’s so many ways you can use this format to get closer to your fans. Practise makes perfect for live streaming so try a few Instagram stories before having a full live stream of a big event if this is new to you.

#3 Video

Video is the most shared of all mediums for smartphone users and one of the most heavily consumed content formats across any type of social media. Again, you don’t need to have a huge production budget or a TV channel at your disposal – with a few tools and a little knowhow, your social media team should be able to craft interesting, unique videos that bring your brand and its products to life for your social media fans.

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