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Why am I seeing no return part 2

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Maybe you're not targeting the right people

If your PPC campaign isn’t getting the response you expected or generating the returns you need to justify its expense, the issue could lie with the consumers you’re targeting. Even with exciting offers, problem solving products and excellent copy, your campaign’s success is going to be limited if the right people aren’t seeing it.

If you’re not sure if you PPC campaign is reaching the right people, the first step is to analyse your data. The data that you’re capturing from every click is immensely valuable. Use it to assess if you’re reaching enough of the right people, where costly mistakes are being made and to chart a more profitable path forwards.

So, what are the metrics you should be looking at?

This will depend on your business but with your customer personas in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to assess whether you’re attracting the right types of shopper.

Whether age, gender, or location is your key focus (and in all likelihood you’ll have a combination of the three), you can pull up a huge range of data sets with the right PPC tools. If you’re a local business that’s keen to get people to visit your store, targeting people outside of your city will clearly have less of an impact. Likewise, if you’re a young, fresh clothing brand targeting generation Z, your return will be significantly lower if your clicks are coming from older generations.

Luckily, PPC platforms give you the power to focus your campaigns and really reach those that are your ideal customer. To encourage those browsers that you have a higher chance of converting, we’ve got three tips to put into practise.

  1. Segmentation – When you’re creating a campaign, you’re given plenty of options to target your audience, from where they’re based to interests. It gives you a huge scope to filter out those that are unlikely to convert.
  2. Focus your language – Make your audience obvious through your ad copy. It should encapsulate your brand image and appeal to your ideal customer, whether that’s a time poor parent or an industry leading business.
  3. Choose your keywords carefully – Different customer segments are likely to use different terms or phrases when searching. Looking at which keywords are resonating can help you better focus your budget to maximise return.

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