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Why segmentation is a crucial PPC consideration

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It gives you an opportunity to use the information that you have on your customers to grow your base even further

PPC can be an effective, powerful tool for generating leads and returns when it’s used right. But it’s essential that each of your campaigns targets the intended audience to be effective, generate conversions and maximise spend. This is where the segmentation feature is crucial.

Identify Customer Traits

Segmenting gives you the freedom to target your ideal customer by identifying their key traits, from considerations such as geographical location (which could influence type of product advertised, time advert shows, cost or even language) to their age range.

It gives you an opportunity to use the information that you have on your customers to grow your base even further. By using segmentation you’re also able to target the customers that you know are most likely to connect with your brand and impart a better campaign structure that allows for better optimisation, targeting and bid management

Mass market advertising yields limited results

As with any marketing technique, targeting the mass market doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

You might reach more potential customers but you’re less likely to hit the mark when it comes to serving up tailored messages, products and ad text. While PPC is about driving traffic to your website, quality matters too when it comes to your leads.

Reflect Market Challenges

Solving a problem that your target customers have is a sure-fire way to encourage more users to convert. With a segmented audience, you are better able to hone in to buying triggers.

Having segmented campaigns for different keyword types, ads and customer personas means you can address each challenge with a targeted solution. This gives you greater control and flexibility, which is more likely to lead to positive returns

Grow a Local and Engaged User Base

If you have bricks and mortar stores and want to build customer bases concentrated in specific areas, it’s possible to set your PPC campaign to display only to search users within a specific geographical location or range

While we’ve cleared up exactly why you should be segmenting your PPC campaigns, it is possible to segment too much to. If you’ve focussed your reach too narrowly, your traffic will suffer as a result, making it difficult to capture the information that you want. You should be able to analyse your data to ensure that your budget is optimised.

Segmenting isn’t always the go-to option when you’re creating an effective PPC campaign. When you’re using enhanced campaigns or modified broad match keywords, for example, segmentation can negatively harm the return you can expect.

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