Weekly e-commerce moo's

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Weekly e-commerce moo's


Super fast content management, to keep your ads outperforming.

Content management

Admoo's systems work tirelessly to analyse the best placements of content, and segment your campaigns based on several factors to produce the best results possible.

Stock based ad management

Admoo links right into your website, which means you stock levels are constantly monitored. Unlike Google or Bing who will continue ads when items are out of stock, Admoo turns off ads when items are out of stock, and restarting ads when items are back in stock automatically. This means you are never spending on Ad's to products that are out of stock, freeing your budget for other in stock items, and continue funnelling consumers to your website.

day and hour parting

Admoo is continuously analysing optimal parting of your ads. By understanding the most optimal days, and times of day to run ads can save you wasted spend, and increase revenue. Admoo’s powerful platform is able to granulate these times down to item level, removing wasted spend, and increasing your revenues.

geolocation segmentation

Geolocation segmentation can give your ads a huge boost, by focusing your budget in the right locations for the right items. Admoo automates the geolocation segmentation of your campaigns, ensuring the best exposure in the most valuable regions globally, re-allocating bids within your budget to further increase performance.