Weekly e-commerce moo's

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Weekly e-commerce moo's

The Value
Is in the

Powerful data management capabilities, to boost you results.


From account structure to feed management. We've got you covered.

We understand that the correct use of your data is the key to PPC success, and our unique data management capabilities ensure you get the most out of your data.

Automated adwords restructure

One of the most important aspects of succeeding with PPC, is a structured account. The Admoo platform pulls in your product and Adwords account data, automatically restructuring your data to the most optimal architecture based on your on boarding set up. This provides you with greater reporting and optimisation capabilities, allowing our platform to shine. When additional products are added to your website, they are fed into the already predetermined structure, allowing new campaigns, ad groups, and ads to be created in seconds, with rapid deployment.

granular performance optimisation

Our platform is able to assess the performance of each item against multiple factors, including geolocation, time of day, and CPA vs price. Meaning each SKU is shown to the right people, at the right time, at the right bid amount. With other SaaS products, or PPC management agencies, this can take weeks, leaving you on the back foot, and wasting spend while optimisation is carried out. With Admoo, this is completed in seconds, keeping your account optimised constantly.

Feed Management

Managing the input into Admoo from your website, and outputs to Bing ads or Google Adwords, is automated. By linking Admoo in this way means all changes to your SKU's and optimisations are uploaded automatically, saving time, and capitalising on improvements swiftly.