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Weekly e-commerce moo's

The right

Unique positive, and negative keyword creation, the Admoo way.

Ranking for Quality

Admoo's bid matrix, combined with its dynamic compounding and value rank systems, mean your ads are always at the highest quality scores on Google and Bing Ads.

search query analysis

We analyse tens of thousands of search queries, to understand where your campaigns can perform better. Sometimes a closely related word can be determined as a misspelling, costing you ad spend on unrelated searches. That’s why Admoo constantly tracks this, and assigns negative keywords to remove wasted spend.

negative keyword creation

Our platform is constantly analysing negative keywords to be assigned, by delving into search queries and ascertaining which are unrelated to your products. This removes large amounts of spend on consumers searching for unrelated topics, and focuses your budget on consumers that will become your customers. The Admoo platform uses this information to automatically create negative keywords, further increasing your quality score, and increasing ROAS.

Keyword analysis

An integral part of your campaigns is having the right keywords. All to often businesses have tens or even hundreds of thousands of unnecessary keywords, which compete with their own ads, driving up spend and reducing effectiveness. The admoo platform is constantly analysing relevant keywords, and removing underperforming keywords, resulting in better results.