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We take the hassle of PPC away, and managed the whole process for you.

Optimisation Management

The Admoo platform is a powerful tool. Your account manager will be in charge of a key set of optimisations on your account to drive higher ROI and lower CPC for you.

Keyword assigning

Each day, the Admoo platform will actively analyse thousands of new keywords applicable to your campaigns. Your account manager will segment down the data, and assign new key words to specific ad groups, and ads, to further grow your reach and website traffic.

Negative Keywords

Very much like Keywords, The Admoo platform will analyse possible negative keywords, which are assigned by your account manager. Increasing your impression share, and in turn your quality score, all resulting in better results.

Feed management

Everyday there are going to be changes on your website, and changes that are needed for your campaigns. Your account manager will control the inputs and outputs from Admoo, ensuring your account is always up to date, and working at the optimal rate.


We understand each company is different, which is why your account manager will produce reports that are tailored to you, and show you what you need, when you need it.