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Data Management

Admoo's data management algorithms have been specifically developed to granulate your product and ad data, to provide valuable insights for optimisation.

Value Rank

Our value rank system has been designed to evaluate the current and future values of your products, and the value of positive and negative keywords, prioritising the most beneficial metrics, for superior performance.

Campaign Management

Unlike other SaaS products, or PPC agencies. Admoo can create and deploy 10's, 100's, or even 1000's of campaigns in minutes, keeping you on the front foot.

Bid Management

Our automated systems, monitor several performance and value metrics, assigning compounded bids to further performance of your pay per click ads, while heavily reducing wasted spend.

Keywords Management

Admoo is able to identify and assign tens of thousands of positive and negative keywords for your campaigns. Something which is impossible by a human alone. This all means your keywords are refined to optimise your CPC and ROAS, by removing ineffective keywords and focusing on what works for you.