Weekly e-commerce moo's

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Weekly e-commerce moo's


We'll have you set up and running within a day.

A setup tailored to you

The first step on your Admoo journey is the set-up. We take you through key steps during the setup process, to ensure that the outputs from the Admoo platform, is geared to drive results towards your goals and objectives.

We take you through a few steps during on boarding to understand your company, and make sure the Admoo platform is working to your specific goals.

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Everything you need to know about the on boarding process

It's only a few simple steps we go through with you to get your ads performing the best they can.

Campaign Profiling

Your PPC structure is defined by your inventory settings, to generate Ad groups and Ads that are indicative of your website. Your account manager will gain an understanding of your store set up, to generate the most versatile campaign profiling setup.

Budget's and Delivery

We work with you to understand your budgets, and define the optimal delivery of your ads, drawing on parting, device type, and campaign type. This allows your account manager to work easily within your monthly budgets, and provide direction for campaign creation, and deployment.

Campaign objective setting

Whether your goal is brand awareness, direct sales, or generating high website traffic, your account manager will gain an understanding, to allow our dynamic objective prioritisation algorithm to ensure your campaigns are focusing on the right deployment of your ads.

Bid Strategy and setting

Part of the on boarding process is to break down your levels of priority for delivery, to granulate campaigns into ad groups, and ads, that direct bidding on the most optimal ROI, Using our proprietary bid matrix, specific incremental bids are set for ads based on their performance, under several parameters, to bring the right customers to you.